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Works by Flavia Bigi, Olga Donati, Fra' Sidival Fila, Valentina De Martini

Beyond their Gaze

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Fabula – In defence of the African children – 1st Edition

Collective exhibition of Contemporary art for a charity auction for Unicef

If you make a wish, it's because you see a star falling down, if you see a star falling down, it's because you're looking at the sky, if you're looking at the sky, it's because you still believe in something...

About us

a Wish was founded in Rome in September 2007 by architect Stefania Brugnaletti ( and is a professional studio dealing with image care of people and companies.

The studio offers a wide range of activities thanks to a joint work with well-known professionals and creates with elegance a new look around you and your company, with which you can identify and best express your potentials.

a Wish guides its customers towards selective and well-known directions, which have been selected over many years of experience, achieving, as a result, an exclusive personal style: elegant and sporting as well as classic and modern expressions talk to each other with class and refined harmony.

Our experience

The working fields in which a Wish has already been active, boasting several publications on prestigious specialized magazines, range from Interior Design to Art Exhibition Set Up, with organization of events in the most important European and Russian museums. The remarkable success achieved by our professionals team has made a Wish a must in everyday life for people looking at the future, trying to impress their personality on other people’s mind that can be make them unique through a refined and elegant style.

Key Services

  • Interior Design Styling
  • Personal Image Consulting
  • Corporate Image Management
  • Art Exhibition Set Up Consulting
  • Art Exhibition and Happening Management
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