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Beyond their Gaze

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Fabula – In defence of the African children – 1st Edition

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Interior Design

The art of living in harmony

“...since you will it so... O Phaedrus, when I design a dwelling (whether it be for the gods or for man); and when I lovingly seek its form, studying to create an object that shall delight the view, that shall hold converse with the mind, that shall accord with reason and the numerous properties...; I confess, howsoever strange it may appear to you, that it seems to me that my body is playing part in the game...”

(Eupalino - Paul Valery)

a Wish resolves all your doubts and creates a space around you in which you can move in comfort and harmony, realizing your desires with modern and practical dynamicity for how you wish your home or your working environment. Applying the theory of the “Poetics of listening to architecture”, spaces will be studied listening to the places and, with respect for nature, your most modern needs will communicate the remote origins through the knowledge of history and of customs and traditions of the places in which you are going to work.

Our experience

Experienced Architects and well-known Interior Designers, under the coordination of architect Stefania Brugnaletti (, constitute the professional team of a Wish.

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The working fields in which we are already active, doing the job at our best, include several application fields in the Interior Design area. Many of our successful works for prestigious residences, important companies and offices as well as luxurious resorts & spas have been published on prestigious specialized magazines such as AD "Architectural Digest".

Key Services

  • Style Consulting
  • Residence Planning
  • Business Space Planning
  • Hotel, Resort & Spa Planning
  • Interior Design Project Management
  • Interior Design Consultant
  • Antiques Consultant